Celebrating the Life of Kiara Cutting

Lorraine and Kiara are loving children!

I'm an Independent Candidate for TN State Senate District 22, including Houston, Montgomery, and Stewart Counties. A special called election will be held on Tuesday, April 23, 2019.  I'll listen to your needs and do everything within my power to satisfy them. I offer honesty and integrity to ALL residents of Tennessee! 

​I will seek neither the Republican nor the Democratic answer, but the Independent answer. I cannot be bought!

Daddy, Kiara, and Lorraine, July 2012



Kiara and her third grade classmates on a field trip. She's the short beauty, front row center.

Kiara, on our porch, October 2016

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For the 14 1/2 years of Kiara's life I was a self-employed work-at-home dad, meaning Kiara went everywhere with me and I went everywhere with her. There were numerous vacations and day trips, family meals, conversations, athletic, cultural, religious, studious (including tutoring), medical, and entertainment events and activities, and piano, dance, singing, and acting lessons and performances. I especially miss driving Kiara back and forth to school,  our daily 20 minute walks through the high school corridors, the daily lunches with her at all her schools, the awards ceremonies, chaperoning field trips, the bedtime prayers, the sharing of Holy Communion, swimming with her in our backyard pool, playing with toy ducks in our hot tub, our mall walks on winter Sunday afternoons, Kiara's robotics competitions, and dancing  every dance with Kiara at family weddings and the annual father/daughter  balls. I am at a loss without that and at a worse loss without my darling Kiara. All I can say to her is, “So long, we’ll be together again. I taught you how to swim, how to catch a ball, and how to ride your bicycle, and started teaching you to drive; you taught yourself how to melt my heart by jumping off kitchen counter tops and swimming pool decks, always landing in my welcoming arms!" 😪

Baby Kiara in Daddy's arms, Tampa, FL, 2003

Everywhere I roam my heart melts as I think of Kiara's winning smile. I tell her that I forever cherish that moment in the hospital on Monday afternoon, 4/10/2017 when she responded to my voice, "Kiara it's Daddy and I love you" by opening her eyes and looking lovingly at Lorraine and me before returning to Heaven.

Kiara, at age 11 with her summer camp ASPU classmates, is front row, 3rd from right, and smiling.

It’s 10 months now since Kiara was called Home, and just now as I walked Lisa through our neighborhood, missing Kiara for not walking with us, I remembered the beautiful gown she bought for the 2017 father daughter ball. Kiara was no longer here at ball time, but when it’s my turn to go Home, then God willing, I’ll dance with my daughter at the father daughter ball in Heaven! May God bless each and every one of you!

​David Cutting, February, 2018

On Saturday, 4/8/17 at 10:30 pm Kiara said, “Good night Daddy, I love you.” These turned out to be the final words of the Earthly Kiara.

Seven months later, on Sunday night, 11/26/17, I went to bed, but quickly realized I could not sleep, and rapidly opened my eyes, to behold Kiara. She said, in her own voice, the voice I always remember, "I love you Daddy," and then returned to Heaven. I view this as God's way of letting me know my daughter is safe and happy with Him, and Kiara's way of telling me to share her love with all those who love her. 

​Kiara was wearing a new and beautiful blue dress and her long brown hair was perfectly combed. Everything about her glistened, and her smile was contagious. She did not wear jewelry or make up, and her beauty without them was bountiful. I had no time to respond, and went immediately into a peaceful sleep, my first without night sweats since Kiara’s passing.

​All praises to the Lord!

Celebrating the Life of Kiara Anne Patricia David Cutting