Kiara loves petting zoos.

Memories of great times with both girls are forever.

Home for Christmas

We are always happy visiting our neighbor to the north.

We enjoy a game at Kenwood HS

Kiara at University of Tennessee in Knoxville

Ancestor Mayor Serrano, Mati, Philippines

Kiara, on left, participating in President's Emerging Leaders Program at APSU.

Relaxing in Toronto, Canada, June, 2011

Kiara with Benji

Kiara at West Creek HS

Lorraine and Kiara at Clarksville's bark park

You are dearly loved, and deeply missed.

Kiara carrying Lorraine on April 7, 2017

Kiara and Lorraine with big brother Sean and his beautiful family at McGregor Park, Clarksville

Family dinner at Appleby's, 7/28/2016

Missing Kiara, and trying to cope with this tragic loss

I'm captioning this as "Princess Kiara."

Lorraine and Kiara have beautiful hair.

Kiara dines at Blackhorse while waiting for Lorraine's performance at Roxy Theatre.

Kiara loves spending time with Josh.

Kiara loves amusement park outings.

Lorraine and Kiara, sisters forever

Kiara and I enjoyed lunch together almost daily at West Creek High School

Kiara, Brian, and Lorraine on 4/1/09 in NY

More Photos

Kiara enjoys bicycling on our cul de sac.

Kiara, at age 4, with 1 year-old Lorraine, enjoying their favorite fruit.

Kiara & Lorraine are enjoying a party at the Clarksville Montgomery County Library in September, 2013.

Kiara with Daddy, sister Carolyn, and brother Brian.

family at-home time with Lorraine and Kiara