Kiara's  beautiful piano playing always added to our pleasure. These were indeed happy times.

Kiara gets plenty of loving from Brian, Daddy, and Sean.

These older photos are among my favorites.

"Princess Kiara" with Uncle Al, Daddy, and brother Brian

Picnic lunch in Rotary Park, Clarksville

March 4, 2017, at Austin Peay State University

Family and friends gather on 8/13/17 in tribute to our dearly beloved Kiara.

Kiara and Lorraine at a Pow Wow

Kiara loves to dance.

Kiara is pleased with her new piercings.

Friendly Gatlinburg, TN parrots!

Everyone's Sweetheart

Kiara is sister Carolyn's flower girl.

Kiara enjoyed ice cream parlors with her younger sister, Lorraine.

Kiara's Photos

Kiara and Lorraine in Chicago

Kiara enjoys healthy food.

Kiara and classmates confirmed as members of Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church

Delaney is a relatively new, and loyal, friend of Kiara.

Vacationing on Grand Bahama Island

Kiara's studious side, last summer at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

Kiara with her confirmation class

Kiara enjoys visiting a farm with Brian and Daddy.

This is Kiara's last photo. She did face painting at a church's Easter egg hunt, we later had a family dinner at El Bracero, and she and I watched a movie at home. We said the Lord's Prayer and kissed goodnight, never thinking of an ending of her life here with us.