The 3 of us on 8/29/2013

Kiara, friend Victoria, and Lorraine, at Clarksville's Cheddar's restaurant opening, June 18, 2013

Daddy honors Kiara's memory by lunching  on a veggie wrap in her favorite restaurant, Don't Have a Cow.

This is a beautiful Christmas gift from Donna David; I never leave the house without wearing it.

Every night since Kiara left Lisa sleeps outside her empty bedroom.

Anna, Shamya, Felicity, Ashley, & Kiara

Meet Kiara

This is one of Daddy's favorite photos.

July 27, 2017

Kiara's awards

Her favorite restaurant is Don't Have a Cow.

Lorraine, Kiara, Victoria, & Daddy, about to enjoy a Nashville Sounds game, but only after eating a ballpark lunch.

July 31, 2017

A few days before Kiara was called away from this world I took this selfie of her and me watching Lorraine perform at the Roxy Theatre. We were all very happy.

December 1, 2016, at the Parthenon


Kiara and her beloved beagle, Lisa, are very close, and Lisa starts her evening sleep on the floor outside Kiara’s bedroom. When I took this photo Lisa made sounds similar to a crying baby. All of us who always love Kiara deeply miss her.

Kiara and Lorraine at 

Father/Daughter Ball

Kiara and Joshua, looking all grown up and ready to leave for a military ball, while still in their early teens

Lisa, Kiara, & Lorraine, Dunlop Park, 10/3/2013

Big Brother (and Godfather) Brian holds baby Kiara, while Joshua Alexander observes.

We gathered together hoping for a miracle.

Canoeing is a family sport.

Kiara Cutting was born 10/16/02, in Tampa, FL, to David L. Cutting and Anne Marie Cutting, and on 5/20/05 moved with us to Clarksville, TN. Kiara was an A honor roll student at every school attended, including Moore Magnet Elementary, where she skipped 3rd grade, West Creek Middle, Kenwood STEM Academy, and West Creek High Schools. She was president of the Jr. Beta Club at Moore Magnet Elementary and West Creek Middle Schools. She was in choir, band, Jr. Civitans, and robotics at West Creek Middle School, and in choir, piano, and cheer leading at West Creek High School. Among her favorite activities were the annual father daughter balls, which she attended every year beginning in 2006. 

                                  Her younger sister, Lorraine, is shown above left, and Kiara is above right.

Kiara was a Duke University TIP Scholar, a Loyola University Chicago Scholar, a UT-Knoxville Engineering Scholar, a Camp Invention Counselor-In-Training, and an Austin Peay State University Leadership Camp Alumni. She was also a Double Gold Cup Pianist, a former student at Roxy Regional Theatre School of the Arts, and a Natalie's Dance Studio performer. She loved travel, and had been to New York, Indiana, and Florida several times, The Philippines twice, Washington D.C., Virginia, Chicago, Canada, and The Bahamas, and was looking forward to vacationing in The Dominican Republic. She is a devout Christian, and a confirmed member of Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, whose preschool she attended while a toddler. Kiara loved spending time with her boyfriend, Joshua, and playing with Lisa, our beagle, Benji, our guinea pig, and Lucky, our parakeet. In summers we would see her walking Lisa, riding her bicycle at Greenway, and swimming in our backyard pool. Her goals were to be West Creek High School's Class of 2020 valedictorian, study at Vanderbilt University, and, as a neonatologist, save the lives of premature babies.

Kiara and her boyfriend, Joshua McKinley, campaigning          Kiara, Lorraine, and Sidney, dress up time

​​Close family members with Kiara through her final days included her brothers, Brian and Sean, and her sisters, Carolyn and Lorraine. Joining from Indiana were her cousin, Marc David, and aunt, Donabel David. Kiara's organs saved the lives of 5 people. An 18 year old girl has her right kidney, 11 year old Grace Perez has her liver, a 34 year old woman has her left kidney and pancreas, a 57 year old woman has her lungs, and 12 year old Tiernan Parker has her heart; Kiara's life is thus very honored. Her sophomore year at West Creek High School would have again included all honors classes, plus AP European History, and she would have had ten days in the Summer of 2018 touring Italy and Germany with her teacher and some classmates.

David L. Cutting, father, 7/7/19

Lorraine & Kiara, 12/24/2012, on our Christmas visit to Tampa, FL

Kiara loves eating at Chipotle's.

Kiara's West Creek Middle School won a 2015 robotics award.

Destiny's Christmas tree ornament

Kiara's extended family always loves her.

Kiara in the car with Lisa

Everywhere I roam my heart melts as I think of Kiara's winning smile. I tell her that I forever cherish that moment in the hospital on Monday afternoon, 4/10/2017 when she responded to my voice, "Kiara it's Daddy and I love you" by opening her eyes and looking lovingly at Lorraine and me before returning to Heaven.

Best friends, Lorraine and Kiara

Kiara honors her gifted teacher, Michael Cleghorn, citing him as her favorite middle school teacher.

Lorraine and Kiara

Kiara prepared a PowerPoint to convince us to adopt Lucky, our friendly parakeet.

Today, July 25, 2017, is set aside for family visitation and praying.

Lorraine & Kiara were never in the dog house, but on 1/31/2012 they were certainly on it!