Lorraine and Kiara

Lorraine and Kiara, in May 2016, receive piano solo awards from their teacher. This reminds me of the many peaceful evenings at home when I would sit in our living room with Kiara while she played beautiful piano pieces for us.

Kiara with her poster on DNA Replication on the wall at WCHS serves as a fond reminder of our daily early morning 20 minute walks through the hallways. Kiara would always tell me she loved this school.

6th grade robotics trophies

Lorraine and Kiara on favorite pool toys

11/2013 Family Photo

Cool hats!

Lorraine, Me, Aunt Lillian, Cousin Donna, and Kiara, at Aunt Lillian's Staten Island house, 3/31/2009

5 year-old Kiara with friendly bird at the Nashville zoo 

Kiara, awaiting her 2 front teeth, had her 6th birthday 5 weeks prior to this photo.

The Cutting Family welcomes the David Family

Sisters Forever!

Victoria (friend), Kiara, Lorraine, and Daddy in our swimming pool

New Photos

Marlena, Bailey, Lilly, Nawehi, and Kiara were among the honor roll students selected to be at Gov. Haslam's McGregor Park Riverwalk speech on 8/16/2012.