Marlena, Bailey, Lilly, Nawehi, and Kiara were among the honor roll students selected to be at Gov. Haslam's McGregor Park Riverwalk speech on 8/16/2012.

Lorraine and Kiara, in May 2016, receive piano solo awards from their teacher. This reminds me of the many peaceful evenings at home when I would sit in our living room with Kiara while she played beautiful piano pieces for us.

Lorraine, Me, Aunt Lillian, Cousin Donna, and Kiara, at Aunt Lillian's Staten Island house, 3/31/2009

5 year-old Kiara with friendly bird at the Nashville zoo 

The Cutting Family welcomes the David Family

Sisters Forever!

Lorraine and Kiara on favorite pool toys

11/2013 Family Photo

Lorraine and Kiara

Victoria (friend), Kiara, Lorraine, and Daddy in our swimming pool

Cool hats!

New Photos

6th grade robotics trophies

Kiara, awaiting her 2 front teeth, had her 6th birthday 5 weeks prior to this photo.

Kiara with her poster on DNA Replication on the wall at WCHS serves as a fond reminder of our daily early morning 20 minute walks through the hallways. Kiara would always tell me she loved this school.