Kiara, awaiting her 2 front teeth, had her 6th birthday 5 weeks prior to this photo.

Kiara with her poster on DNA Replication on the wall at WCHS serves as a fond reminder of our daily early morning 20 minute walks through the hallways. Kiara would always tell me she loved this school.

Lorraine and Kiara

Lorraine and Kiara, in May 2016, receive piano solo awards from their teacher. This reminds me of the many peaceful evenings at home when I would sit in our living room with Kiara while she played beautiful piano pieces for us.

Marlena, Bailey, Lilly, Nawehi, and Kiara were among the honor roll students selected to be at Gov. Haslam's McGregor Park Riverwalk speech on 8/16/2012.

6th grade robotics trophies

Sisters Forever!

Lorraine and Kiara on favorite pool toys

Victoria (friend), Kiara, Lorraine, and Daddy in our swimming pool

Cool hats!

Lorraine, Me, Aunt Lillian, Cousin Donna, and Kiara, at Aunt Lillian's Staten Island house, 3/31/2009

5 year-old Kiara with friendly bird at the Nashville zoo 

New Photos

Looking through letters on my laptop, I came across Kiara's letter requesting admission to University of Tennessee, Knoxville, for their summer program, for which she was selected and brilliantly participated:

Kiara Cutting

My first exposure to engineering was through my father, a retired architectural engineer. I attended a STEM Magnet School during my elementary years, and found math, science, and PASS to be my favorite subjects. While in third grade, I was skipped into fourth, and continued to get all A's. At the Montgomery County Science Fair, I received an award for my chemistry project. In middle school, I continued to achieve all A's, and math and science remain my strongest interests. In both elementary and middle schools, I was elected president of the Junior Beta Clubs. I also participated in a leadership program for middle school girls at Austin Peay State University, and a science course at Loyola University in Chicago.

My goals for participating in E-VOL9 include: 1) Gaining familiarity with the University of Tennessee, as I am considering applying there, 2) Learning which engineering disciplines are taught at UT, and 3) Which engineering discipline would best suit my experiences and interests.

Ten years from now, I see myself with a bachelor and a graduate degree, and beginning in an intellectually rewarding profession. I would hope for challenging work that would be beneficial to humankind. I am also considering combining an engineering degree and career with a medical degree and career.

In August of 2016, I hope to be enrolled in the Medical Academy at Northwest High School for my first two high school years. Afterwards, I plan to attend the Middle College of Austin Peay for another two years, wherein I would accumulate at least one year of college credits.

Partly due to three years in West Creek Middle School's robotics club, I am very interested in engineering design and operation of robots, especially for the medical profession. I am most interested in robots to aid surgeons in oncology, cardiology, and pulmonary. I feel this would help satisfy my goal of benefiting humankind.